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Best Dog Food For Yorkies


Of all the toy breed dogs, the Yorkie dog whose full name is Yorkshire terrier is the most popular. The dogs are affectionate and playful but also easy to handle due to their small sizes. The small pets owe their popularity due to their ability to adapt to various setups.


Just like any other purebred dogs, the Yorkies have specific nutritional needs. Despite many pet owners loving their animals, they feed them on generic dog foods and do not understand that certain breeds have different nutritional needs. In purchasing the foods for Yorkies, there are considerations that should be taken, into place. One of them is that the Yorkshire terriers have small mouths. This, therefore, requires that the dry food size should be suited to their small mouths.


The other consideration is that, even though they are small, they have high energy levels. They, therefore, need fuel to keep playful. Because this breed of dogs requires high energy as they are playful, they do not have the risk of being overweight. This, therefore, means that they require foods that have high levels of crude protein, and also high levels of fat. They also require foods that contain high-quality carbohydrates which provides fiber and sustained energy. Because of their small stomachs, the Yorkies should have many small feedings during the day, learn more at PawCastle!


In purchasing food for the Yorkshires, the crude proteins should be the first ingredient in the food that is to be bought. A diet that is high in protein ensures that the dog will have high energy levels and also ensure the development of lean, strong muscles. Some of the great sources of protein include lamb, chicken, fish, and veal. However, the pet owners should be informed that chicken is a common dog allergy. To know more ideas on how to select the best pet, visit


Carbohydrates should be the other ingredients contained in Yorkshires food. Food sources that have carbohydrates are crucial because they provide the pet with fiber and are also a slow burning energy source. They help keep the dog feeling fuller for longer. Some of the good sources of carbohydrates include flaxseed, sweet potato, and peas. Fats are the components that should be on a Yorkies diet. Even though most people avoid fats, they are usually great for these pets. One can also go for the foods that have high percentage fats because weight gain is usually a big problem with them. They help keep the puppy's coat shiny and smooth and the skin moisturized. Here's a guide on